Making photographs is an experience for both you and me ...

I work with everyone individually and according to his wishes and therefore every photo shoot is not only a challenge but also a great inspiration for me.

Possibility to express something that may not be seen at first sight. In this busy world full of changes in the seconds, I try to keep the moments so that everyone who stops for a while can take what is needed in that moment and experiences this emotion with me. I like to come up with unusual motives and situations that capture that moment / memory.

My biggest success is when you feel comfortable and relaxed. Actually these are the situations where the best pictures are taken...

There is still a piece of a child's soul in each of us that is immediate, natural, easy-going, but sensitive, full of dreams, optimism and joy. Put yourself in that short moment, your new role, after all, we live only once, come to remind yourself and drop the barriers.



The portrait photography fills me incredibly. It's like making a movie with everything around. It's a story with a great deal of creativity and possibilities that have no bounds. Each of us is a original and that is exactly what I love on this kind of photographs.

Couple photoshoot

Svatební fotografie

Where will we go? Picture on a wall or into your album? A gift, or just an experience near someone you love? Whatever your answer is, it's all up to you what moments and where you want to capture them. Taking love is a joy, it's like reliving it again.

Těhotenské focení

Těhotenské focení

Pregnancy photography is very fragile and full of emotions. This period is for every woman one of the most beautiful, but at the same time the most demanding in life. I'm trying to capture not only the sensitive beautiful woman who is in anticipation, but also her militancy and fear from the unknown.

Svatební focení

Svatební fotografie

Wedding .. another wonderful milestone in our lives. An experience full of love, joy, family and friends. Moments of happiness and emotion, bursts of laughter, surprises for the for the newlyweds, dresses for the bride, tradition vs. innovation. The girl's dream has come true ..

Photoshoot references

Taking references photographs is always a big challenge for me. I look forward to the opportunity to capture the moment as no one else before. I think of a composition how to describe a product or project in the best possible way. The importance is in the presentation of the benefit. It's like a song that you still hear in your ears and you can not stop thinking about her.



They do not understand us, do not speak, usualy is uncomfortable for them to let us take a picture, but if you wait and create a pleasant atmosphere, they will reward you with beautiful pictures. Photos of your pets are one of my favorite. They are cute, sleeping, playing, wild or unforgettable in combination with family members.

Food styling

Produktová fotografie

Taking pictures of food is like the ocean. There is so much undiscovered, or forgotten and lost. Nowadays there is full of ideas and innovations that would be a sin not to take advantage of. I do love cooking and baking, but my passion is also in arranging, decorating and subsequent photography of the food. I call it the eternity of enjoyment.

And that do not end, I'm open to anything new, your ideas for the subsequent implementation of your individual and unique experience ...